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Brew it right! Your guide to making the perfect cup of green tea

Your guide to making the perfect cup of green tea

Green tea is considered to be this elixir of good health; thanks to the numerous benefits it brings with it, like improving metabolism, reducing bad breath, guards against heart ailments and even aiding in anti-aging. But the poll has always been split half with one half swearing by the beverage, and others who may have been put off by the unsweetened flavour of it.

Our expert tea sommeliers, who curate the best tea in Gujarat, have studied this trend and have come to the conclusion that the tea leaves were never to be blamed in the first place. They naysayers may have just tried a cup that was brewed the wrong way.

With proper brewing techniques, you’re able to extract the right amount of flavours from the leaves and ensure maximum health benefits in every cup. And it all starts by choosing the best tea in Gujarat, so go ahead and shop for green tea online and buy Tulsi Tulvita green tea. Now, follow the steps as below.

Boiling it right

It is very important to choose the right kind of water and bring it to boil at the right temperature to brew your green tea right. We suggest using filtered or purified water, because the water from our taps is usually treated with chemicals or has high salinity. The latter will alter the taste of the brew, given that green tea has a delicate flavour profile.

Now, we all know water boils at 100°C, and the flavour compounds of green tea are sensitive to very high temperatures of water. Our tea sommeliers advice that the right temperature for the water should be anywhere between 79°C to 85°C or 175°F to 185°F.

Boiling it right

To achieve this temperature, boil water in a clean pot on a stove top, and as the water begins to boil, take it off the heat and let it sit for about a minute.

Steeping it right

To steep means to soak any kind of organic solids in any form of liquid to either extract flavours or to soften it. And this applies to brewing teas too. Usually, for black teas, the more time the leaves are steeped in the hot water, the more flavours come out in the brew.

Steeping it right

But when it comes to green tea, if the leaves are steeped in water that is either too hot or for a longer duration it releases an astringent flavour, which may taste unpleasant and sometimes bitter.

The amount of time the tea steeps directly impacts the flavour. When brewed properly, green tea should have a light colour and minor astringent flavouring. So we suggest steeping your Tulsi Tulvita green tea bag in hot water for a minimum 3 minutes and maximum 5 minutes. To best develop flavours, cover your tea kettle or tea cup if you are brewing in a single cup when steeping. Our sommeliers suggest that you use glass, ceramic, clay or stainless steel teapots for brewing.

Flavouring it right

There’s a lot more you can do with your green tea. Yes, we always suggest that you try green tea in its most natural flavour with the hints of vegetal grassiness and a little bit of sweetness to it. But if you’re someone who loves experimenting and exploring newer flavours in your brew, then we have some suggestions for you too.

The first suggestion would always be to buy the best green tea online in India from shoptulsi.com, our online tea shop. Your green tea can be enjoyed with spices and various sweeteners to create your own unique cup of green tea. Lemon, cinnamon, and honey are the most common green tea enhancers.

Flavouring it right

When making iced green tea, do not use cold water. Instead, simply allow the tea to cool to room temperature before serving with ice or chilling further in the refrigerator. Iced tea can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.


Avoid using plastic tumblers or cups to steep your green tea. Avoid using aluminium vessels too, since they can alter flavours. Aluminium reacts with acidic food products upon being heated. Similarly, with plastic, the heat could start reacting with the chemical compounds and micro compounds from the inside surface could contaminate your beverage.

Never boil your green tea leaves, as green tea has delicate flavours and extreme heat will make it release a bitter flavour in the beverage.

Now that we have equipped you with the knowledge to brew the perfect cup of green tea, get started right away. Order the best green tea online in India from here! Stay tuned to this space as next, our tea sommeliers will reveal fun ways to enhance the flavours of your cup of green tea!

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