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Buy Green Tea Online in India – Tulvita Combo

It is never too late to take that first step toward healthy living, with Tulvita, Tulsi Tea’s offering of the best green tea online in India. Once you buy green tea online in India with Tulvita, you will realise getting into a healthy habit is as easy as 1-2-3.

The Tulvita Combo is the best of both worlds, where you get two boxes of Tulvita’s Best Green Tea Online in India. Whether you wish to buy regular green tea or buy lemon tea online in India, you get to experience the flavours of Tulvita by Tulsi Tea’s best and healthiest offerings. Each box of Tulvita lemon green tea and green tea contains 25 hygienically packed tea bags.

Tulvita by Tulsi Tea

Tulvita is the newest offering from Tulsi Tea, one of Gujarat’s prominent tea brands since 1981. Chai is a cultural phenomenon in the state of Gujarat, but with the new age, people are moving towards a healthier lifestyle. And we’re there to help people take that first step towards health with Tuvlita.