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5 simple ways to elevate the flavours of your lemon green tea

lemon green tea

Freshness. Fitness. Flavour.

What gives you all of these things with just one sip? Green tea! Now some of you might not agree with us when we say that green tea is flavourful. But relax, because if you don’t like the bitter grassy taste of the tea, this blog is for you!

From soothing our senses to refreshing our bodies, everyone is aware of the numerous health benefits of green tea. In “Kissa Yojoki” (The Book of Tea), Japanese Zen priest Eisai interestingly highlights how green tea can have a positive effect on your heart, liver and lungs. And because of its several benefits, it does seem like a good choice to incorporate green tea into your daily routine. But it is also true that not everyone enjoys drinking this concoction.

Our last blog shed a light on ways to brew and steep your green tea in the right way. Now, read on to discover some effective ways to make that cup of green tea even more flavourful with the help of our expert tea sommeliers at Tulsi Tea.

1. Select the right tea leaves

Green tea leaves come from the Camellia sinensis plant which is used for numerous types of teas such as black tea, oolong tea, white tea etc. These are called ‘true teas’ as they are made out of actual tea leaves, unlike herbal teas which are made out of flowers and plants.

Now, two factors set green tea apart from other true teas:
a. The age and structure of the leaves used to make it.
b. The processing of its leaves.

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Leaves that are made to use for green tea are picked in the spring season and are among the youngest offered by the Camellia plant. When picked, these leaves must be tender, bright green and ideally should be alongside a bud. The flavours of these leaves vary according to the season which is why older leaves used for oolong tea and black tea tend to have more caffeine in them. Now you can easily choose the right tea leaves and buy delicious Indian teas online from the comfort of your home as the tea sommeliers at Tulsi tea are committed to delivering you the best green tea made out of the finest and least processed leaves.

2. Use the right water & brew at the right temperature

Once you have got the right leaves to brew the perfect cup of green tea, it is very important to choose the right water to brew it in. If you use tap water to prepare your tea, the minerals and chemicals may affect the compounds in the tea and as a result the taste. Meanwhile, distilled water is too weak to imbibe the flavours and hence can turn the green tea pale. Ideally, pure and filtered water should be used to extract the best out of your green tea.

Moreover, controlling the water’s temperature can also make a lot of difference in brewing your green tea right. Green teas that are steeped too long or are put in water that is too hot, can turn sour. Similarly, too much cold water will make the tea flavourless and weak. The ideal temperature to steep green tea is anywhere between 79°C to 85°C or 175°F to 185°F. To do this, boil water in a pot and as the water starts to boil, take it off the heat and let it sit for about a minute or two. You can also read our latest blog to know more details about brewing tea just right.

3. Add natural sweeteners

A hint of sweete can go a long way in minimising the bitter tinge of green tea. Add powdered sugar to a cup of green tea and say bye-bye to the bitterness. We advise you to not use granulated sugar as it doesn’t dissolve well in lower temperatures and can just remain stuck to the bottom of the cup. For a more health-conscious option, add a spoon of good ol’ honey, a natural alternative to sugar. It easily dissolves and makes the cup more flavourful. Stevia is another great pick to even out the bold flavours of green tea. It is a natural sweetener with low calories which can be added while brewing a cup of tea.

Try all these different sweeteners and find out what you prefer, but first you might want to buy lemon tea online in India!

4. Blend it with herbs and spices

If you are still getting used to the taste of green tea, you might want to try blending its flavours with flowers, herbs, and spices. Based on your taste preferences and available ingredients you can make a new blend for yourself.

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A green tea cup can be enhanced with some dried or fresh flowers or a few sprigs of mint leaves. You can even add a dash of vitamin C rich lemons to the cup and let the citrus balance out the bitter flavours. If you want to avoid the squeezing of lemons and adding herbs, you can just buy Tulsi Tulvita Lemon Tea online and save yourself some time.

If you like it spicy, add just a small bit of grated ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg, to immediately elevate the flavours of your green tea. They are great natural additives that can help make your tea flavoursome.

5. Try it cold

Some of the bitterness can also be reduced by drinking your green tea cold. The cold brewing of green tea will extract less caffeine and hence it will be less bitter than hot green tea.

Simply start by boiling as many cups of water as you want and let it cool down for a few minutes. Add green tea bags and let them steep for one to four minutes, depending on how strong you want the flavours. Remove the tea bags and add a few ice cubes, along with a dash of lemon. You can also keep it refrigerated and drink within 24 hours.

green tea cold

So now that you know that green tea doesn’t have to be bitter, kickstart that healthy journey and buy lemon tea online in India today. Sourced from the finest tea gardens in Assam, you can also explore a diverse range of tea products on our Shop Tulsi website.

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